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Yoga Accessories is your online one-stop-shop for everything Yoga at prices considered lowest in the market with more than a million products sold since 1997. Besides shopping for premium Yoga products at Yoga Accessories, you can also search for a Yoga studio near you, learn a weekly Yoga tip and read Yoga news. When it comes to training videos, Yoga Accessories has a wide array of DVDs like Yoga for Beginners, General Yoga, Pilates, Dealing with Stress, Kundalini, Advanced Yoga, Tai Chi, Weight Loss and others. 

Visit Yoga Accessories What makes it different?

There are various reasons why thousands of Yoga lovers love to shop at Such reasons include:

  • Guaranteed prices that are lowest in the market, this means that you can never find anything cheaper other than at Yoga Accessories
  • Lifetime Mat Warranty
  • 30 day return policy with no questions asked
  • Same day shipping, which means if you order today, you get it tomorrow
  • No minimum wholesale
  • All Products are made of high quality materials manufactured under the strictest quality control

For studios, Yoga Accessories will buy back any product not resold within 30 days

  • Aside from these reasons, Yoga Accessories is an Ethical and Responsible company helping more than 20 charities focused on various missions from improving health to preserving the environment

Shot at Yoga Accessories vs. primary competitors (sites similar to

Gaiam is another online store selling Yoga products such as yoga mats, DVDs, clothing, bricks, kits and other tools. However, instead of focusing solely on Yoga, Gaiam also has products such as training materials and products for health and healing, relationships, spirituality, personal growth and ancient wisdom. You can also find an extensive collection of home décor, furniture, gardening, water filters, outdoor living, laundry products, household supplies and cooling and heating equipments at

When it comes to price, a 3mm thick, 72” long Yoga mat costs $16.99 at Yoga Accessories while at Gaiam, a shorter mat with 68” in length and 3mm thickness costs $21.98. Not only are the Yoga mats at Yoga accessories cheaper, but also has better specifications.

Visit GAIAM's Website

ABC-of-Yoga is another leading competitor of Yoga Accessories. Like Yoga Accessories, ABC-of-Yoga also has an extensive selection of Yoga Products and equipments such as Yoga apparel and props, exercise equipments, Yoga paraphernalia and Yoga resources. ABC-of-Yoga’s online store also sells Wai Lana health supplements. Shopping at ABC-of-Yoga is easy, with their straight-forward web design and Yoga buying guides.

You can purchase a Wai Lana yoga mat with 1/8”H x 24”W x 68”L for $21.95 while a longer, same quality Yoga mat at Yoga Accessories costs just $16.99. 

Visit ABC-of-Yoga's Website

Of the two leading competitors, nothing can compete with Yoga Accessories when it comes to affordability and product quality

Key Competitors of Yoga Accessories

Check out Yoga Accessories Pricing & packages

With thousands of Yoga products available, Yoga Accessories is proud of its high-quality products available with the lowest prices that no other leading competitor can match. Here are the most essential price comparisons between products from Yoga Accessories, GAIAM, and ABC-for Yoga.

Yoga Accessories                               GAIAM                                     ABC-for Yoga.

1. ¼ Extra Thick 72” deluxe        68” in length, 3mm thickness            1/8”H x 24”W x 68”L)
yoga mat at $16.99                    at 21.98                                        Wai Lana Yoga mat at $21.95

2. 4'' Cork Yoga Block $9.99        Ergonomic Yoga Block $11.98         4” Foam Yoga Block $12.95     

3. 75 cm Anti-Burst Yoga             75cm (blue) Balance Ball at $24.98       Yoga Balance Ball at $29.95       
Balance Ball with Pump at 19.99             

Hot items on Sale at Yoga Accessories are:

1. Yoga Mat Bags                                   Price: $134.99
2. Harness Strap                                    Price: $7.99
3. Yoga Mats                                          Price: $16.99 - $59.99
4. Mat Cleaners                                      Price: $8.50 - $16.00
5. Yoga Towels                                      Price: $23.99 – $59.99
6. Blocks                                               Price: $6.00
7. Bolsters                                             Price: $9.99 - $33.99
8. Blankets                                            Price: $13.99 - $22.04
9. Balls                                                 Price: $13.98 - $17.99
10. Pump                                              Price: $5.00
11. Zafu and Cushions                            Price: $27.99 - $49.99
12. Yoga DVDs                                       Price: $7.99 - $39.99
13. Yoga Music     Price: $27.99
14. Jewelry     Price: $9.99 - $34.20
15. Pilates     Price: $9.99 - $27.99
16. Foam Rollers     Price: $10.49 - $27.99
17. Thera-Bands     Price: $3.90 - $6.99
18.  Fitness Accessories     Price: $9.99 - $129.99

Visit Yoga Accessories Product images & screenshots Coupons
Get BOGO Yoga Accessories @ Customer reviews & comments

There are mixed customer feedbacks for Yoga Accessories. Some customers find Yoga Accessories products inferior and there are problems in the delivery schedule and some concerns on the products safety. However, this seems to be an isolated incident and as proof, you can easily find hundreds of positive feedbacks from satisfied customers of Yoga Accessories online. Here are some of those feedbacks:

"Yoga Accessories is a company that actually practices what it preaches. They support community organizations and fundraisers and studio likes Down Under Yoga that do a lot of work with the community. As yoga becomes in danger of being more about the 'stuff' and less about the ''practice', it is nice to work with companies that consider themselves as having a duty to participate in the world around them."     

-Justine Wiltshire Cohen
 Down Under Yoga
 Newtonville, MA

“ I am a daily yoga practitioner who purchased two of these mats in different colors. I was looking for a bargain, and I was encouraged by the high customer ratings. I am very disappointed. First of all, Yoga Accessories did not send me the items until 3+ weeks after I had ordered them. I had to write two e-mails to them. I received replies that they were sorry, they had been meaning to write me and tell me that the colors I had wanted were out of stock and did I want to select other colors. Then, when I did that and finally received the mats, they had a sharp, unpleasant chemical odor that has failed to disappear even after many days of use... “

- R. Sera Brown
  Review posted on

"I simply called and they immediately created a wholesale account for me over the phone, were incredibly helpful with crafting my order and then proceeded to ship my order right away - and they had everything in stock, incredible prices, and great promotions! As a business owner of 17 years, it was the easiest company that I have ever dealt with. Thank you YOGAaccessories!"        

- Meghan B
  Yoga Studio Owner
  Athens, Ga.

"Thanks so much! I received the two items the very next day which is just great. I'm very pleased with your website...not only is your customer service very responsive, but your prices are well below comparable products. Continued success!!"       

- Toni
  New York, New York

Shop at Yoga Accessories

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